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What is Augmented Reality? Simply put, Augmented Reality (AR for short) gives people the ability to augment their existing environment with digital information, such as images, text or data. AR has already become mainstream due to the rapid advances of smartphones and other technologies. Many people first came into contact with augmented reality in 2016. That’s when the game Pokémon Go, which projects small characters into reality via a phone screen, took the world by storm. Today’s most common forms of augmented reality involve inserting data, using a camera or smart glasses, into a real-world environment.

Companies use augmented reality apps to provide information about products to customers or employees, solve technical problems or provide product training. Augmented reality can improve the user experience and strengthen customer loyalty.

Virtual reality (VR for short) goes one step further. Using special VR headsets, people immerse themselves in a virtual world. Virtual reality is particularly well suited for experiences that are associated with high costs or risks, or that take place in imaginary spaces. On the one hand, games or interactive experiences can be depicted in virtual realities; on the other hand, meetings with international or remote teams can be held via VR headsets.

Mixed reality is a combination of augmented and virtual reality. Here, the physical and virtual worlds merge into a single, real space.

Often, all three areas are combined under the umbrella term Extended Reality (XR for short).

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