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FUTURE CANDY is a practitioner of innovation, helping you to implement digital transformation and future changes in your company through a new way of thinking: the Innovation Loop.

Your future needs our impact!

Our Impact for your company
Inspire People

Inspiration is the beginning of innovation.

Learn how to respond to culture change, new technologies, trends & mindsets.  Create a new era in your company.

Transform your company

Work together on the problem space. “Unpleasant” questions become new chances for your team.

Experience a collaborative process that is customer-centric and relevant.

Grow your business

Build a project team, consisting of your employees and our innovation experts to manage new innovation projects and bring visions to life.

Moonshoot projects

Let your HEART PROJECT become reality.

You can change an industry, a city or the world!

Building Innovation capabilities

We will find the right approach that matches your company’s status quo.

It´s not only about sustainable results but also a complete deep dive into innovation.

Innovation Loop

Learn more about the FUTURE CANDY methodology: the Innovation Loop.

 It´s a holistic approach to innovation development for companies and institutions of all types, sizes and industries. Consisting of four phases: INSPIREIDEATEMAKE and EVALUATE, the method stands for a continuous and interconnected process that is focused on the targeted and collaborative development of product, service, process and business model innovation.

The Innovation Loop has no beginning and no end. It starts where it makes sense and where it is necessary.

  1. You will no longer miss any trends, you will anticipate developments and outline appropriate solutions
  2. A new challenge of rethinking traditional thought patterns, structures and processes will develop your employees and teams
  3. You will implement innovation projects efficiently and effectively in a collaborative process
  4. It will help your company to open up new and sustainable revenues
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