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The FUTURE CANDY Speakers hold keynotes on the top topics of the innovation industry. Both classic on-site and digital via a Livestream.

Talk to us, we will find the right topic for you and your event!

Our topics
  1. The New Technology Wave
  2. Innovation Hacking & Design Thinking
  3. New Work & New Leadership
  4. The Digital Transformation
  5. Top Trends 202X
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Our Keynote Speakers
Nick Sohnemann the Digital Leader
theDigital Leader

Nick is convinced: “The time we live in is comparable to the time when the computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the Internet. Nobody suspected back then that companies like Google, Facebook, or Amazon would one day exist.

As a passionate keynote speaker beyond the mainstream, he shakes you awake. The digital tornado is shaking up all industries. Anyone who just watches is missing the chance to create.

Through the mixture of scientifically-based facts and concrete company cases, the buzzwords digitalization, disruption, and the Internet of Things get practical relevance at Nick.

Instead of preaching theory, Nick is looking for a close alliance with the audience to promote innovation in companies. His inimitable stage presence fascinates even skeptics.

Roman Weishäupl the Silicon Valley Expert
the Silicon Valley Expert

As a San Francisco director, Roman advises all C-level executives on how to think like a start-up and promote lean, agile, and design thinking methodologies in today’s corporate environment.

In his keynotes, he will take you on a journey to the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur, the ways of working in Silicon Valley and its methods, and his experiences from the Valley of Innovation.

One of his specialties – apart from keynote presentations – is advising other startups on their most difficult and grueling life path. He also managed a network of more than 80 trend spotters distributed worldwide and helped customers around the globe drive innovation processes forward.


With the multimedia keynotes from our experienced speakers, you can experience inspiration up close, even in the home office!


FUTURE CANDY started early on to create captivating keynotes on the screen. Hybrid events combine the two worlds of offline and online keynotes so that the digital keynotes can be designed into a multimedia experience that also inspires people from home when they dare to look into the future together digitally in the stream.

The new keynote

Highway to hell or future

In his latest keynote, “Highway to Hell or Future,” Nick Sohnemann walks you through the crossroads at which most industries and companies currently stand: one leads to a dead-end, the other to a prosperous future.


Using concrete business models and proven innovation methods, Nick paves the way for your company to take the “Highway to Future”.


To provide you and your employees with the best possible experience, the keynote is geared to your needs. Suitable examples will be selected according to your industry; the keynote will take place on-site, in a digital Livestream, or in virtual reality.

You determine the best way to reach your employees.

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