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Digitization can no longer be denied. And anyone who is not adapt to it now will be left out.

Do you want your company to remain competitive in the future?
We help you find the right strategy to master digital transformation.

Make innovation your core competence!


Our team of experienced consultants and digital natives will assist you to develop a sustainable and successful model for your company’s current challenges. We support you to quickly react to changes in the market and the needs of your customers.

Our strategy for staying ahead in the digital age: strategic thinking and precise knowledge of the dynamics and specifics of digitization.

Our services:
  1. Research & Ideation
  2. Product innovation
  3. Process innovation
  4. Business model innovation

Research & Ideation

You want to take a close look at your industry? Do you want to gain insights on your customers and look outside the box of your company?
Our industry analyses and reports draw a detailed picture of the competition, market potential, economic developments as well as opportunities and risks within your industry.
Through intensive research, we develop buyer personas and customer journeys for your business, enter the ideation phase tailored to your project, and develop concepts and strategies.

product innovation

Are you looking for fundamental or incremental product innovations?
Then you’ve come to the right place. Together with you and your team, we work on physical as well as digital products and services. Our Candies will assist in the development of Minimal Viable Products, prototype development, product positioning and market launch of your ideas.
Using design strategies such as design thinking, our innovation experts bring your idea to life.

Process innovation

Companies do not always run like Swiss clockwork. However, after a process innovation consulting by FUTURE CANDY, it comes very close to Swiss precision.
The optimization of internal processes influences business operations in many ways and is characterized by more effective, higher quality and more cost-efficient workflows.
Our tech expertise supports you and your team with future-proof and dynamic process innovations.

(digital) Business models

Create, deliver and capture value.
Innovative business models are the foundation of successful companies in the 21st century. Customer needs are continuously changing and so is the organizational environment. Nowadays it is normal that companies and employees are confronted with new requirements, customer demands or circumstances on a daily basis.

Our consulting team advises you in deciding on changes, develops new business models in cooperation with product managers and initiates the implementation of business model innovations. Through active change, both customers and companies gain value through newfound competitiveness and future viability.

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