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Experience innovation in your own company. Learn the latest innovative methods to overcome challenges and create new solutions. The experts of FUTURE CANDY will guide you through this process, both offline and online.

Our core elements:
  1. Clear goals and concrete results
  2. Relevant input for inspiration
  3. Working together using the latest creative methods
  4. Customer focus
  5. Creation & pitch of a prototypes
Our Workshops
We show you how to innovate properly
Design Thinking Workshop
True classic Design Thinking Workshop

You want to tackle complex problems and find real solutions? Design Thinking is the classic among innovation methods. Through an iterative process and focus on the target group, challenges are solved and opportunities are seized.

In our one- or two-day workshops, you will apply Design Thinking under the guidance of our experienced trainers and develop innovative solutions together.

Our core elements:

  • Presentation of the method
  • Elaboration of the question
  • Working together using the latest creative methods
  • Customer Focus
  • Creation & Pitch of a prototype
Ideation Workshop
Creativity galore! Ideation Workshop

You want to find new ideas and activate your creative potential? In an Ideation session, creativity techniques are used to generate ideas. Thereby also unusual concepts are desired because they bring disruption potential.

Our trainers activate your creativity in our half to full-day workshops and help you find ideas and work them out in concepts.

Our core elements:

  • Development of the problem sphere
  • Idea generation using creativity techniques
  • Idea selection
  • Concept creation
  • Pitch presentation
Innovation Hacking Workshop
The mix makes the difference! Innovation Hacking Workshop

In our Innovation Hacking Workshop, we combine the best of current innovation methods. Together with you, we develop disruptive solutions for your innovation-specific challenges.

In 6 phases we take you from the idea to the launch of an MVP.

Our core elements:

  • Presentation of the method
  • Elaboration of the question
  • Creativity and openness​
  • Customer Focus
  • Creation & Pitch of a prototype
Creative Prototyping Workshop
Just do it! Creative Prototyping Workshop

Do you want to create a hands-on mentality and a doer culture?

With Creative Prototyping, we provide the impetus for this. With creative materials and various challenges that are mastered in the workshop, we promote an active corporate culture.

Our one to two-hour workshops bring you out of “analysis paralysis” and bring new momentum to your everyday work.

Our core elements:

  • Creative prototyping
  • Acting under time pressure
  • Dealing with unforeseen challenges
  • Teamwork and cultural change
  • Pitch of a prototype
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