The Visionary City: How AI innovations are making our cities smarter and more sustainable

SmartSuisse is an annual strategy congress and expo that focuses on the most promising smart city trends. With a unique mix of strategy and concrete solutions as well as a cross-industry approach, SmartSuisse promotes the networking of the public sector with business and science.

We were allowed to be part of the congress and were invited to give a keynote speech.

  1. Timeframe: 29.03.2023
  2. Challenge: Bringing AI innovations to life and making them understandable
  3. Solution: A keynote speech that shows fields of application and practical examples, and conveys them in an entertaining way
  4. Added value: Insight into the latest AI innovations and smart city projects

In Detail

In a keynote speech, Nick Sohnemann showed what urban life will look like in 2030:

Citizens can participate in urban development projects using digital tools – all that’s missing is a bar or a daycare center. Rate it in the city’s app


AI will also change the cityscape. Garbage cans will be tracked by cameras and emptied when full. No more pointless waste.


Multimodal mobility will change the cityscape – in Hamburg, we will have a different composition of mobility hardware than in Rome or Dublin. Depending on the size of the city and the composition of the neighborhoods, there will be more bikes, public transport, or self-driving cars.


Neighborhoods will be interwoven – less separation between work, school, and work. The new buildings will be built sustainably and equipped with many multipurpose spaces.


The presentation was rounded off with an exciting live demo on the topic of cybersecurity – with the Flipper Zero.

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