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Web3 is the next generation of the internet and represents a new era of decentralized applications. Unlike Web2, where data is stored centrally on servers, Web3 now allows all users to participate in the processing of information. In addition, Web3 enables direct communication between users.


The most important component of Web3 is the blockchain, which is why it is often associated with crypto. The blockchain ensures that all participants in a decentralized application (DApp) have the same information at the same time and that no data is tampered with or deleted. In addition to tamper-proof information, the blockchain provides secure payment methods via cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, and IOTA, among others.


The benefits of Web3 include increased security compared to traditional, centrally stored systems. By securing data in a decentralized manner, hacker attacks are nearly impossible. By no longer needing their own servers, operators of web applications can greatly reduce their operating costs.

For the end consumer, the difference between the current internet and Web3 is not great, as both can display content in a web browser. However, there are some new possibilities, such as sharing files directly in a decentralized network program, and web browsing will also change with Web3, as there are new ways to search and access websites online.


The new Web 3 is still quite unexplored and may have previously unknown bugs or risks. In addition, blockchain technologies or cryptocurrencies are a closed book for many people, which makes it difficult to accept Web3 applications.

Web 3 is a promising concept and can fundamentally change the way we surf, work and communicate on the internet in the future. The prerequisite is that current technical hurdles are overcome and people learn how to use Web3.

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