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VOSSIUS is one of Europe’s leading law firms in the field of intellectual property. As part of a trademark seminar on the basics of trademark law in Munich and Berlin, FUTURE CANDY guided the participants through a metaverse experience to bring the areas of application of VR to life.

  1. Timeframe: 27.04. & 04.05.2023
  2. Challenge: What is a metaverse and how to use it?
  3. Solution: We held a guided and moderated event in the metaverse with several VR headsets. Before that, our Innovation Managers gave a keynote speech on the current understanding of the metaverse.
  4. Added value: The participants in the seminar gained their first experience of using VR glasses. The keynote speech and the moderated Metaverse Experience provided the participants with a general understanding.

In Detail

FUTURE CANDY was on-site at VOSSIUS in Munich and Berlin to give participants an insight into the world of the metaverse.
After an intro keynote about the metaverse, in which both the possibilities and limitations of the technology were conveyed, the metaverse experience started with the VR glasses provided by FUTURE CANDY. In the first step, the participants were invited to a virtual room in the VR platform Spaital.io. There they learned the basics of the application from the innovation managers and had time to practice using the controls and moving around the room. The Innovation Managers then took the participants into a public VR world. They visited a penthouse of the Metaverse development agency Exclusible, where the participants were shown a concrete use case of the Metaverse. Excusible is one of the leading Metaverse agencies and specializes in the development of virtual worlds; in the past, they have implemented worlds for Hublot, HUGO BOSS, and Vogue.

After the entire experience, the participants were given the opportunity to share their first impressions with FUTURE CANDY and VOSSIUS in a feedback round.

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