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Having your own car is becoming less and less important, while the overall topic of mobility is gaining importance – how does that fit together? The short answer: The car is no longer the status symbol it once was. More people are moving into cities, where they can get along just fine without a car – often even better. Generation Z and Millennials in particular value other things, first and foremost independence and flexibility. However, having their own car with monthly costs for leasing, insurance and the like gets in the way of this. Consequently, new mobility services are emerging all the time and enjoying growing popularity.


What we are talking about is the broad term New Mobility. This is the combination of technology, services, public-private partnerships and consumer preferences, which expand the possibilities of the entire transportation ecosystem. New Mobility concepts are diverse, encompassing many different functions and solving different challenges in the context of transportation.

These include, for example, standardized mobile apps, multimodal trip planning, service packages, fixed (monthly) subscriptions, or pay-as-you-go billing. A well-known concept from the New Mobility sector is car sharing.  Digitization enables platform models that ensure this is correspondingly simple. A prominent, internationally successful example of this is FreeNow. Various mobility solutions can be used via the FreeNow platform, whether car sharing, ride-sharing or e-scooters and many more. Not only are all offers accessible in one app, but the payment for them can be easily processed with just one access. In addition to FreeNow, other mobility service providers are also increasingly focusing on e-mobility in the form of electric cars or scooters. E-mobility services can be found in almost every major German and European city. This is because sustainability and cost savings are also core elements of New Mobility.

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