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Gamification means the use of game principles in a non-game context. Usually, this involves the teaching of content. Newly acquired knowledge is fleeting and frontal education without interactivity or practical relevance is only successful to a limited extent. This is already a major problem at school, but it is more serious in everyday working life, for example in the onboarding of new employees.

The main goal of almost all companies is to increase productivity. An effective and sustainable way to achieve this goal is to motivate the team to improve in their own area of expertise. Gamification transforms dry, extensive content into a playful format, which makes the transfer of knowledge more sustainable and efficient. The high degree of interactivity increases the joy of learning. Gamification in companies can revolutionize the way teams are kept up to date on new corporate structures, product innovations or other news and opens up opportunities for dynamic training programs.


Yet, game-based learning in the workplace doesn’t work like an actual game. Instead, it makes use of mechanisms on which games are based. For example, those who complete certain learning sections receive points. These points and game levels are visible to others to maintain motivation through competition.

In addition, the playful principle can also be transferred to customers. This is not necessarily about imparting knowledge. Gamification can also function as a marketing measure to entertain the target group. They receive discounts or similar benefits, such as free shipping, via playful functions.

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In our workshops, you will experience gamification first-hand and develop playful concepts to convey your content in an entertaining, interactive way.

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