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Inspiration Lab Workshop

One-day “Inspiration Lab” workshop on Metaverse for Roche Diagnostics International Ltd.

  1. Timeframe: February 2023
  2. Challenge: How can a common understanding of the term "metaverse" be created? Which technologies play a key role alongside VR?
  3. Solution: The FUTURE CANDY Inspiration Lab
  4. Added value: Forming a common understanding of the term Metaverse, experiencing key technologies, and developing ideas for application in the company.

In Detail

The Inspiration Lab consisted of the following parts:

Input: In a one-hour presentation, the term Metaverse was defined, and current use cases and key technologies were presented.

Play: Current applications were tested using virtual reality and augmented reality glasses. In addition, a prototype was presented and evaluated that enables smelling in virtual worlds.

Think & Ideate: There was an exchange about what had been learned and current use cases were discussed. In small groups, participants developed and presented ideas for use in their businesses.

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