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Reemtsma goes Digital. Reemtsma, the tobacco company from Hamburg, held a digitalization day for its employees. FUTURE CANDY showed the tobacco giant what the future can look like through digitalization.
Equipped with VR goggles, FUTURE CANDY provided insights into the Metaverse in the form of an interactive training session.

  1. Zeitraum: 02.02.2023
  2. Herausforderung: Metaverse is becoming more popular but what exactly is it, and how can it be used?
  3. Lösung: A guided Metaverse experience with VR glasses at the company's location. Our Innovation Manager gave a keynote speech on the current state of the Metaverse.
  4. Mehrwert: Reemtsma employees were able to gain their initial experience in operating VR glasses and the Metaverse. The keynote speech and the moderated Metaverse Experience provided participants with a basic understanding.

In Detail

FUTURE CANDY visited Reemtsma in Hamburg to give the company a first insight into the world of the Metaverse. The experience started with a keynote speech in which FUTURE CANDY answered open questions about the Metaverse and gave a first glimpse into the virtual worlds.


Highlights of the keynote:
1) What is the metaverse and where does it come from?
2) How far has the development of the metaverse progressed?
3) How is the metaverse already being used by companies today?


To make the whole thing easier to understand, we took the participants on an excursion into the metaverse. We used the Metaverse application „Spatial“ to give the participants their first insight into a self-designed room from FUTURE CADNY. They were given instructions on how to operate the VR glasses. The participants were then allowed to choose an avatar and try out the functions for themselves. Once everyone understood the basics, we took a trip into the public world to introduce them to Metaverse. In the end, there was another round of feedback on how the participants felt and what they could take with them from the Metaverse experience.

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