Construction of the Tech Lounge

OTTO Group

The Tech Lounge in the Otto Group, implemented by FUTURE CANDY, motivates employees to try out internal IT products as well as future-oriented technologies and to deal with the latest trends.

  1. Timeframe: 2017 - today
  2. Challenge: How can employees be introduced to the latest technologies? How can employees be inspired for future topics and innovations? How do you motivate employees for the topic of digitalization?
  3. Solution: The Otto Tech Lounge was opened especially for TECH FLAT. In this room the gadgets of TECH FLAT are permanently available for all employees.
  4. Added value: Employees can test the gadgets and get inspired at any time. Instead of just reading about topics of the future, they can try them out up close.


The Otto Group’s Tech Lounge was integrated into the group’s existing IT infrastructure. On the one hand, physical space was used to present internal IT products such as smartphones, laptops, headsets, etc., which were available to Otto employees from home. On the other hand, employees had the opportunity to try out future-oriented technologies of FUTURE CANDY, to borrow and test them in the different departments over a period of three months, so that they could get their own picture of the respective technologies.


In collaboration with the Future Candy network, an interactive area within reach of the canteen was redesigned. Many modular elements such as tables and shelves were used to ensure the best possible use of the space, as Future Candy’s portfolio of internal IT products and the technologies provided by Future Candy changed regularly. Thus the Tech Lounge could be used variably as a workshop space as well as a meeting room with external stakeholders. The location and regret of the gadgets played a central role in the conception of the Tech Lounge.


The Tech Lounge was placed in the main passage to the canteen. This measure ensured that employees regularly flocked to the Tech Lounge on their way to or after their lunch break. A trained working student was on hand every day between 11:00 and 14:00 hours to answer questions and present use cases on our own IT products as well as on the innovative technologies of FUTURE CANDY.

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