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Immerse yourself in the metaverse, create your own avatar and explore the possibilities of the metaverse. Is this what the working world of will look like in the future?

This is exactly where our discovery of the metaverse comes in. The immersion of augmented and virtual reality allows you to interact with your colleagues and test digital tools to realize meetings, presentations, travels, workshops or creative sessions virtually and regardless of location.

Experience with FUTURE CANDY how the Metaverse will change the world of work!

  1. Meet colleagues as 3D avatars in AR or VR
  2. Personalize your digital space
  3. No previous knowledge necessary: We train you before the experience
  4. Hardware is provided with accounts and licenses
  5. We ship everything directly to your home or regular office

The EXPERIENCE IN AR / VR is intended to illustrate how we can interact with one another in the digital working world in the future. FUTURE CANDY is convinced that augmented or virtual reality will make a significant contribution to the topic of new work.

This is exactly where the EXPERIENCE IN AR / VR comes in. Through augmented and virtual reality immersion, you immerse yourself in a digital working world in which the important interpersonal level is included. You can interact with your colleagues using photo-realistic avatars with the help of smart glasses and the appropriate software. The digital workspace allows you to use various tools to carry out meetings, workshops, or creative sessions virtually and anywhere.

Experience with FUTURE CANDY how AR and VR will change the world of work!

DIY Guide

The GUIDEBOOK for the EXPERIENCE IN AR / VR is a DIY guide that explains step by step how to prepare formats in augmented and virtual reality and how to set them up in a consistent way. The GUIDEBOOK is particularly suitable for companies with existing hardware. No previous knowledge is required. Every technology and procedure is described in detail and illustrated.

Become the AR / VR designer of your own world. Contact us now to get access to the GUIDEBOOK and experience the meetings of the future. Available in German and English.

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