Kreis Segeberg

Interactive keynotes at Digi-Day 2023

Innovation Day for all employees of the Segeberg district administration

“Working with FUTURE CANDY was really uncomplicated and gave us a lot of good ideas that we were able to develop further together in order to offer our employees a colorful package of exciting and entertaining inputs on digital transformation. ” – Kristof Kuhlmann, Head of Human Resources, Organization, and Administrative Digitization

  1. Timeframe: 06.06.2023
  2. Challenge: Familiarize employees across departments with current trends, technologies and internal digitalization projects
  3. Solution: Internal digital day
  4. Added value: Input on current topics, trying out new technologies and exchanging ideas together

In Detail

At Digi Day 2023, around 500 visitors from various departments of the district administration came together to learn about the most important developments in digitalization. Firstly, current internal government projects were presented that will lead to improved processes and services. Secondly, a wide range of specialist presentations were offered, in which experts from various areas presented their findings and experiences. This enabled participants to expand their specialist knowledge and gain new insights into current trends and technologies. FUTURE CANDY presented two interactive keynotes that focused on the development and impact of artificial intelligence.

Another highlight for visitors was the practical testing of new technologies. FUTURE CANDY presented the latest VR glasses and AI applications as well as the TEMI service robot. Visitors were able to test the applications extensively and experience the potential live.

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