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Hamburger Hochbahn

On the way to Smart Mobility, Hamburger Hochbahn had five concrete ideas developed. The innovation potential and challenges of pubilc transport in Hamburg were tackled in the FUTURE CANDY team.

  1. Timeframe: January - March 2022
  2. Challenge: Develop five ideas that can be further developed as prototypes or MVPs. Ideas should therefore be implementable within 6 months.
  3. Solution: In a first kick-off, an insight into the world of innovation at Hochbahn was given. This was followed by an internal FUTURE CANDY workshop in which around 35 ideas were developed as one-pagers. After an interim evaluation, FUTURE CANDY worked with students to develop five selected ideas in a Hackathon.
  4. Added value: As an external company, FUTURE CANDY was able to think "out of the box" and provide fresh inspiration with regard to future mobility trends. With the help of a live demo, click dummy and visualizations, an initial feeling of what the implementation could look like could be conveyed interactively.

In Detail

In a kick-off with the Hamburger Hochbahn, the strategy and vision of the company were explained in more detail along the existing fields of innovation. In this way, the course was set for five concrete innovations that will make Hamburgs transport network fit for the fututre.

After this insight, FUTURE CANDY organized an internal workshop. In this creative session, 35 ideas were collected and clustered into the fields of AI, digitization, orientation, entertainment, carbon neutrality and safety and hygiene. These ideas were prepared into one-pagers and in an internal evaluation with Hamburger Hochbahn, five ideas were selected. In an internal Hackathon, the ideas were further developed and worked out in detail by FUTURE CANDY.

A canvas was created for each idea and visualizations or first click dummies were built. On March 18, 2022, the presentation of the final results was broadcast live from the FUTURE CANDY streaming studio in Hamburg. A live virtual reality demonstration was integrated.


The ideas and approaches developed support Hochbohn on the way to Smart Mobility and offer inspiration for future projects. The work results from the internal hackathon form a good working basis from which concrete implementation can proceed.

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