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Circular Economy Keynote

What is the circular economy and what does artificial intelligence have to do with it? The students from HS Fresenius also asked themselves these questions.

As part of a study project, FUTURE CANDY educated the students about the circular economy and brought them closer to the topic of AI. FUTURE CANDY also provided them with examples of companies that have already made a success of digital transformation.

  1. Timeframe: 23.03.2023
  2. Challenge: How can students be introduced to the circular economy and AI to inspire them for their study projects?
  3. Solution: A keynote speech that brings together the two topics and illustrates the possibilities of AI and the circular economy.
  4. Added value: Provide students at HS Fresenius with a good knowledge base for their study projects.

In Detail

After a brief introduction to FUTURE CANDY, Leon kicked off the keynote with a thought experiment about what our future could look like in 20 years.
This hypothetical future could be achieved by changing from a linear economy to a circular economy. Leon began by explaining various economic models, which were also illustrated using concrete examples.
The topic of AI was also explored in greater depth. In addition to an introduction to what AI is, programs such as ChatGPT and Midjourney were presented, which illustrate the benefits and use cases of AI software.
But how are AI and the circular economy connected? And how can companies implement innovative approaches using AI? To answer these questions, the students were introduced to various companies, such as Toyota, and their vision for the future of the Woven City.
The overall aim of the keynote was to awaken the innovative spirit of the students and inspire them to integrate the circular economy idea into their study projects.



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