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Marketing Summit 2022

For HAYS AG, we designed an innovation program to add to their Marketing Summit and led the team on an exciting inspirational journey with exclusive New Tech presentations and testing.

  1. Period of time: July 2022
  2. Challenge: To inspire a company's entire marketing department on a range of innovation topics.
  3. Solution: A one-day event with six customized masterclasses and keynotes on focused innovative topics. Interactive elements and team collaboration support understanding and make content tangible.
  4. Added value: All participants were able to engage extensively with all facets of new New Work methods and strategies and experience the future hands-on. In the exclusive master classes, results were developed that will be integrated into everyday work in the long term.

In Detail

The six masterclasses for the Hays Marketing Summit on July 7, 2022 in Frankfurt Offenbach were one of our biggest projects in the first half of 2022. The entire Future Candy team was involved in the planning and implementation, which provided a concentrated load of expert: Inside knowledge and Innovative spirit.

The focus of the event was on innovative methodology in the New Work context. 120 participants were able to experience innovative, inspiring topics in six specific workshops. Successful methods and strategies for the working world of tomorrow were presented in less than 60 minutes.

The topics were divided into the following sessions and were prepared and conducted by corresponding experts from our team:

  • How to innovate – Get to know innovation methods and try them out
  • App Building I -What is an app, how is it built and what do you have to pay attention to?
  • App Building II – Build your own app in only 45 minutes
  • Artificial Intelligence explained and to try out
  • F*ck Ups and error culture
  • Digital Freaks – The vastness of the visible and invisible internet: what’s happening on the deep and dark web?


All masterclasses took place in parallel, and the groups moved from topic to topic. In designing all sessions, we always focused on a stimulating mix of input, fascination, and interaction. Thus, the participants could not only listen to exciting lectures by Nick Sohnemann and Dr. Maximilian Böger on the topic of the Internet or F*ck Ups but could also experience a live insight into the latest developments in AI and Robotics with Tobias Kunz. Lars Kofahl and Nicklas Heublein presented the knowledge and tools to build their own quiz app. The masterclass by Franziska Palmberger and Jasmin Krug was particularly sustainable, in which all groups were able to try out three different innovation methods that are now being integrated into their everyday work. A test course with e-go-karts, e-scooters, balancing boards, and various innovative mobility gadgets, such as a self-propelled suitcase or a Segway with follow-me function, provided movement.

The response of HAYS AG and all participants to the entire event was overwhelmingly positive and showed that the courage to create a complex, elaborate concept pays off. The exclusive master classes were tailored exactly to the needs of HAYS AG and inspired with a strong interaction part.

We were able to offer all event guests at the HAYS MARKETING SUMMIT 2022 a comprehensive overview that will continue to have an impact beyond the day.

Every event is unique – and we are excited to make your very down idea come to action!

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