Inspiration Lab

We visited the dmcgroup in Vienna to organize the Inspiration Lab. We took the participants on a journey through virtual worlds on the Metaverse trend topic.

  1. Timeframe: 01.12.2022
  2. Challenge: There's no getting around the term Metaverse these days, but understanding what the Metaverse actually is and how you can use it as a company.
  3. Solution: The FUTURE CANDY Inspiration Lab.
  4. Added value: Developing a common understanding of the origin and status quo of the Metaverse, as well as suggestions for use cases for the company.

In Detail

FUTURE CANDY visited the DMC Group in Vienna to show participants the opportunities and limits of the Metaverse. The Inspiration Lab started with an opening discussion in which the participants expressed their current level of knowledge, their interests in the topic, and initial doubts about the Metaverse. The keynote served as a means of imparting knowledge, so the participants were able to learn three important key learnings:


1) What the Metaverse is and where it comes from.

2) How far the development of the Metaverse has progressed.

3) How the Metaverse is already being used by companies today.


In the next session we took the participants into the Metaverse, because it is incredibly important not just to talk about it, but to experience it for yourself. The Metaverse application “Spatial” served as a platform in which participants immersed themselves in the Metaverse for the first time. All participants met in a room specially designed for the Inspiration Lab and were introduced to the operation of the avatars, integrated tools and interaction options. After they got to know all the basics there, we visited public worlds of companies, which served as examples for use cases. At the end of the ideation, the experiences in the Metaverse were discussed and ideas for the company and its customer base were brainstormed.

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