Keynote with interactive elements

On the occasion of the bevy’s, short for Federal E-Commerce and Mail Order Association, 75th anniversary we designed a keynote to amaze the gala guests, taking them on a journey to the future.

  1. Timeframe: June 2022
  2. Challenge: What will the future of e-commerce look like and how can the vision be made graspable today?
  3. Solution: A keynote speech at the anniversary gala of the German E-Commerce and Mail Order Association, outlining important trends, showcasing exemplary use cases and suggesting courses of action to provide inspiration for the years to come.
  4. Added value: The guests had their attention drawn to essential topics of the times to come and were able to feel the spirit of the future live through interactive show elements.

In Detail

On the 2nd of June the Federal E-Commerce and Mail Order Association (bevh) celebrated the 75th anniversary of their founding in its birthplace Solingen, a small city in Germany.

To round up the evening programme, Nick Sohnemann held a keynote address on the question “What will the future look like in 2047?” So the guests all glanced 25 years into the future to the 100th anniversary of the bevh. Three major topics were highlighted in the presentation: Circular Economy, User Experience and Brands as Platforms. These topics went hand in hand with three major theses on how e-commerce in particular will change in the future.


  1. Sustainability is everything – Circular Economics will produce 95 percent less trash, compared to today
  2. User Experience or nothing – The world of Commerce will be focused on users, taking away all efforts
  3. Brand Platforms for life – Brands will be able to build their own world, creating values – without any products


The topic of shipping in the future was addressed in the lecture and rounded up with a brief show element. This gave the audience an idea of how orders will be directly distributed to individuals in 25 years’ time, and within the shortest possible time, even if they are not at home at the time of delivery.


To make this keynote interactive and engaging, we integrated polls with guests as well as tech gadgets, including a 3D food printer, smart speaker and a Segway robot.

This way, the future was experienced at first hand on this festive occasion!

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