Interpersonal interaction with 3D avatars in Augmented Reality (AR) or Virtual Reality (VR). With the Experience in AR / VR, location-independent formats such as workshops can be set up, simulate proximity and thus promote creativity.

  1. Timeframe: 2020
  2. Challenge: How can employees interact with each other creatively and independently of location? How can creative formats such as workshops be realized from the home office? What will working in the future look like? How can solution concepts for NEW WORK be designed?
  3. Solution: New technologies and new working methods are changing today's working world forever. New Work demands a rethinking in people's minds. Structures that will soon determine our daily lives must be put to the test in the present. The Experience in AR / VR offers an innovative approach to how future work can look like. Here AR and VR technologies are used to create digital spaces in which photorealistic avatars can interact with each other. Especially creative formats benefit from the simulated proximity and directional voice output of the avatars.
  4. Added value: Employees learn how to use future-oriented technologies (AR / VR) and implement the knowledge they have learned directly into their everyday work. They learn the interaction between 3D avatars and gain an insight into what the workplace of the future could look like. Creative sessions can now also take place in augmented or virtual reality.


Digitization is coming more and more to the fore. The aim is to explore which technologies and practices are most useful for everyday work. The Experience in AR / VR is a solution concept for NEW WORK.


Bertelsmann SE & Co. also wanted to adopt this exciting approach. KGaA did not want to miss this exciting approach. The focus was on the further development of selected employees on the topic of “Workshops in AR and VR”, who were to bring their acquired knowledge as experts into the company. Following the principle of “Train the Trainer”, Bertelsmann employees underwent holistic training by FUTURE CANDY to conduct creative units in AR and VR. This training offered the increase of knowledge on how to generate rooms in AR or VR, create avatars and link them together. Functions of the virtual applications were performed in a format of the Sustainability Journey. Here, Bertelsmann employees used the full range of functions of the digital application to create virtual mood boards on the topic of sustainability. Afterward, employees acquired knowledge about the 17 UN sustainability lines, identified their own personal goals, and generated ideas on how to combine their own values with those of the company.


An exciting format in which laughter, discussion, presentation, and constructive questioning took place.

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