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The Avatunnel at the Austrian Tourism Days 2023

Want to give your event a Candy Touch?

As part of the Austrian Tourism Days 2023 organized by the Austrian National Tourist Board and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, visitors were able to create a digital self and discover the future of travel in the VR world.

  1. Timeframe: 02.05.2023
  2. Challenge:How can the future of travel be brought to life and turned into an interactive experience? How can we create a personal connection between visitors and the event?
  3. Solution: An "Inno-Corner" with the AVATUNNEL is creating digital images and VR solutions to showcase the future of tourism.
  4. Added value: Visitors learn about virtual reality technology and "metaverse applications" in a playful way. They can create their own avatar and get a souvenir sticker to make a personal connection to the event.

In Detail

The Austrian Tourism Days (ÖTT) took place in Vienna in May 2023. The motto was “Sustainability as a permanent guest”. The target group was the entire tourism industry, as well as young talents and media representatives.
The ÖTT offered lectures by top-class speakers, a Young Talents Award, countless interesting discussions, and the Innovation Corner.

We exhibited the AVATUNNEL at the Innovation Corner. This combines the creation of your own avatar with a unique souvenir from the event. Next door, the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) showed how vacations in Austria can be brought to life. Together we presented the exhibition stand of the future.
Participants learned about the latest technologies and designed their own avatar. And all in just 3 simple steps:


Step 1: Taking a photo
The visitor enters the tunnel. A portrait photo is automatically taken. This photo is used by software to generate an avatar of the visitor.


Step 2: Personalization
The visitor leaves the tunnel. A large touch screen is attached to the outside of the AVATUNNEL, on which the personal avatar created by the software appears. This can be customized as desired: From face shape, skin and hair color, hairstyle, accessories to clothing.


Step 3: Personalized sticker
Finally, a portrait photo of the personal avatar is printed out as a sticker. The visitor can attach the sticker to a designated spot on pre-made postcards of popular vacation destinations in Austria. This gives them a personal souvenir of the event.

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