Innovation Tour Around The World


The world is full of innovation!

And we would like to bring you closer to this diversity of forward-looking ideas and technologies with our FUTURE CANDY Around the World Tour.

In just ten days, you will experience at first hand how different cultures deal with future issues, what drives innovation in countries and what challenges are transformed into opportunities.

  1. Time Period: 2023
  2. Company visits to the stars of the local startup scene as well as established tech giants and smart city tours
  3. Your benefits: Exclusive insights, exchange and networking, cultural impressions as well as technological and strategic classification of the experiences by your travel companions Nick Sohnemann and Dr. Maximilian Böger

In detail

Embark on an exciting innovation tour around the world with Future Candy, loaded with information and experiences.

On four continents, you’ll experience how innovation is implemented differently in parts of the world. The startups, companies and organizations visited deal with diverse areas such as health tech, sustainability, artificial intelligence or Industry 4.0.


In addition to networking and learning, the focus is on classifying what you have experienced and the impressions you have gained, so that you get a global picture of innovation and the associated megatrends.

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