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TECH FLAT regularly brings the latest technologies to your company. So you are the first to test the future – because you know: Technologies are the evidence of the future!

That is why you need the TECH FLAT
  1. Be the first to test the latest technologies
  2. Experience innovations instead of reading about them
  3. Borrowing technologies instead of buying them
  4. Our service for your digital change

With this hands-on experience you can test the future for yourself, never miss a trend again, and never bet on the wrong hype! Because you will receive a delivery of up to four gadgets to your company every quarter for one year.

All gadgets are ready-to-use and have relevant applications installed – so you can start immediately.

Curation 16 gadgets per year

Profit from our constantly updated selection of devices!

We plan together with you the suitable gadgets for the deliveries. Every three months you will receive a package with the latest innovations.

Plug & Play
Plug & Play Ready-to-use

All technologies are prepared and ready for immediate use!

Important accessories like smartphones and computers are included.
The pre-installed applications allow you to get a comprehensive picture of the technologies.

Support Always at your side

We want to keep your effort as low as possible!

Our team of experts will provide you with extensive support and ensure a smooth process.
We also take care of shipping and pickup.

Say HI to the future
A small selection of our gadgets
variable modules
our TECH FLAT Modules

The TECH FLAT MODULES are various modules that can be added to TECH FLAT!

The modules support the sustainable implementation of TECH FLAT in your corporate culture and help you to multiply the benefits of TECH FLAT.


Our tech experts will personally deliver the booked gadgets to your company and give you an introduction to the future!

The Kickoff Session will last about four hours and includes a keynote speech from our Tech Experts on current trend topics including a Q&A session.

The date also includes:

  • Description of all devices
  • Explanation of the operation
  • Identification of Use Cases
  • Extensive testing of the technologies under the individual supervision of our experts

The TECH MOBIL provides everything you need to put TECH FLAT in the best possible light.

It is ideal if you need a presentation area but doesn’t have space. The mobile can easily be moved to other rooms.

The modular design makes the TECH MOBIL the perfect solution to present and secure your gadgets in a space-saving way.

The flexible application possibilities allow the TECH MOBIL to be used as a workshop trolley.

The mobile remains in your possession for the entire duration of the TECH FLAT and will be returned at the end of the contract.

  • Invisible cabling
  • Flexible use due to rollers on the trolley
  • Integrated sockets for use and charging
  • Lockable compartments for storing gadgets
  • Folding table
  • Built-in TV for the use of computers
  • Modular shelves due to built-in rails

Our TECH SERVICES help you to multiply the added value of TECH FLAT and to inspire your employees of the future!

Our different services can be booked in addition before and during TECH FLAT.

  • Research
  • Gadgets of your choice
  • Guidebook
  • Smart Assistant
  • Workshop

A detailed explanation of each service of the TECH SERVICES module can be found on the overview slide at the end of the presentation.


TECH SPACE is the perfect communication platform for internal employees and external stakeholders to try out new technologies.

Events and workshops can also be held in our modular-designed Spaces. The module includes the following services:

  • Briefing
  • Consulting
  • Concept design
  • Realization
  • Implementation

The TECH SPACE thus creates a creative exchange and promotes the innovative strength of your employees.

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