The idea is born, but you’re struggling with the project’s implementation? You don’t exactly know how a new technology works, or how you can use it? You don’t know what the business model should look like, or you simply don’t know where to start?

We can help you. With our expertise in current technology and business practices and our extensive experience from numerous innovation projects we can create tangible solutions together.

From pure prototype to fully-functional product: Together, we create the right format, inducing Wow-effects by incorporating groundbreaking technologies - in accordance to our creed "Idea is nothing, execution is everything!"


Augmented Reality Catalog

The challenge we set ourselves with our MINI AR Case Study was this: Bringing the classic print catalog to life.

Within two weeks, an augmented reality app was created that transformed a classic print campaign into an interactive product experienced through the camera of a tablet. The campaign’s logo is the trigger for the virtual MINI, which appears on the screen of the tablet as soon as the user opens the app, entering an entirely new range of interactions.

The App allows the user to change the MINI’s color at will with the ability to view the exterior of the car from all sides, even adding the ability to zoom inside the interior. Further information on the MINI can be viewed as an overlay, summoned by simply tapping on different parts of the car.



The goal of the mCloud-Hologram: Making digital traffic flow tangible. For the launch of the new data platform, we illustrated the individual elements of this open platform using a hologram display.

The mCloud itself is an open portal, through which the BMVI (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) provides the mobility, geographical and weather data of its business area.

We were responsible for the conceptual development and overall staging of the project, which was presented by BMVI for the first time as part of the International Transport Forum in May, 2016.


VR Travel App

For the Dutch tour operator D-reizen, we developed a virtual reality application used in 300 travel agencies around the Netherlands. Whether in Las Vegas, New York or Jerusalem: the 360-degree VR experience transports the viewer to different hotspots around the world.

The idea behind this app was to create an entirely new customer experience beyond the brochures found at a traditional travel agency, allowing the traveler to visually explore a destination in advance.


Future Imagefilm

Like many companies, BKB has also been dealing with digitalization and the challenge of how to convey a common picture of the future to its employees. Concretely: How new technologies will simplify their future workplace.

The joint starting point was an ideation workshop, where we worked on developing the relevant emerging technologies for BKB's future workplace. From these imagined scenarios, a creative film was made depicting the future workday of a typical banker - starring BKB’s actual employees on the bank’s own premises.


Tech Lounge

The goal of the Tech Lounge is to create a new inspirational space concept in which different gadgets from our Tech Flat are integrated into a showroom.

The Tech Lounge is a space available to all employees, inviting them to explore emerging technologies away from their desks. In addition to the testing, supervised by the trainees of Otto's IT department, the room concept serves to promote the active exchange of ideas and new technologies among employees.


Virtual Reality Speedgame

The goal of the Virtual Reality Speedgame was to make the abstract topic of "fast data transmission" able to be experienced by the consumer.

In this game the player becomes the data packet and flies through a virtual Internet connection as digital images pass by. Thus, virtually experiencing the different speeds of data transfer.

The goal of the game was to create a new branding experience while at the same time bringing the consumer closer to the abstract idea of a "network.”


Our Candy of the Future




Augmented Reality Catalog










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Future Imagefilm



Tech Lounge




Virtual Reality Speedgame

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