Industries, markets and our entire world are undergoing increasing change in the face of digitalization. In our keynotes, we address this change and present the latest technology and innovation topics that are revolutionizing our world.

Our strength: We motivate and convey concrete examples of digitalization and implementation know-how.
Our promise: We bring decisive approaches to the transformation of your industry.

Plus: We live the future on the stage, integrating new technologies directly into our keynote formats - whether we’re having conversations with robots or live experiences with other business-relevant technologies, our keynotes are active and always captivating.


  • The New Technology Wave
  • Innovation Hacking
  • Culture Change
  • The Digital Transformation
  • New Leadership

Nick Sohnemann

Of this, Nick is convinced: The time we live in is comparable to the time when the computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee invented the Internet. No one guessed then there would be companies like Google, Facebook or Amazon, but Internet giants like these have changed everything.

As a passionate keynote speaker beyond the mainstream, he’ll shake you awake. The digital tornado puts all industries in turmoil, and those who watch will miss the chance to shape the future.

Through a combination of scientific facts and concrete company cases, the buzzwords of digitalization, disruption and Internet of Things will get practical reference. Instead of preaching theory, Nick seeks to close the gap with the audience, aiming for increased innovative power within companies. His inimitable stage presence itself will enthrall even the biggest skeptics.

Roman Weishäupl

As Silicon Valley Director, he advises all sorts of C-level managers on how to think startup and to promote lean, agile and design thinking methodology in today‘s corporations.

His presentation will be enriched with real examples and best practice cases from working in Silicon Valley. Roman will bring the fascinating startup mentality to your audience, conference or workshop.

His specialties include — apart from keynote presentations — advising other startups on their toughest and most strenuous journey in life. He also managed a network of more than 80 trend spotters worldwide and helped clients all over the world to spur innovation processes.

Lasse Uffrecht

Virtual or Augmented Reality, 3D Printing, Robotics, the Internet of Things or Artificial Intelligence - Lasse Uffrecht introduces the trendsetting technologies.

He is illustrating clearly the challenges and shows examples of best practices to help companies to understand the future.

And when it comes to a structured approach to innovation, Lasse knows the appropriate methods and tools: from Design Thinking, Sprints, Lean Startup and Innovation Hacking.

Innovative methods and new technologies are Lasse's passion.

Our Speakers

An unbelievable live experience!

Nick Sohnemann

The Digital Leader

Roman Weishäupl

The Silicon Valley Expert

Lasse Uffrecht

The Innovation Expert

  • „We can only praise Mr. Sohnemann's talk! Exciting, funny and professional! Thank you very much!“

    Priska Forrer

    Netcetera AG

  • „Nick Sohnemann succeeded in showing examples of disruptive technologies with a good dose of humor.“

    Carina Schönenberger

    Crealogix AG

  • „Nick Sohnemann already infected us with the "digitalization virus" in the first minutes of his lecture.“

    Marcus Krüger

    cronos Unternehmensberatung GmbH

  • „Roman's keynote was very impressive and thrilling from the first to the last minute. His findings from Silicon Valley have really fascinated me.“

    Nils Gleim


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