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Nick Sohnemann Founder/CEO
Founder/CEO Nick Sohnemann

Nick is one of the leading experts in Europe in the field of trend and innovation research.

The cosmopolitan from Hamburg and a practicing scientist are internationally on the hunt for state-of-the-art methods and tools for successful innovations. As a pragmatic problem solver and strategic “business brain”, he has been supporting companies on their way to innovation since 2008.

Justus Peter Director Business Development
Director Business Development Justus Peter

Justus is our Director of Business Development.

With over 15 years of professional experience as a media manager, he is the structure master and sparring partner for the Future Candy experts and clients and drives the development of the agency forward.

Anne Wichter Accountant
Accountant Anne Wichter

Originally working in the tourism industry, Anne is our accountant responsible for financial accounting and bookkeeping.

With her cheeky cologne manner, she manages the inquiries of the customers skilfully and gives helpful worldly wisdom on the side.

Anette Eberhardt Project Manager HHIS
Project Manager HHIS Anette Eberhardt

Anette is our special representative for HAMBURG INNOVATION SUMMIT (#HHIS).

As the responsible project manager, she has accompanied the #HHIS since the idea was first conceived, has played a major role in the development of the concept, and has developed the Summit into a highly regarded event for Hamburg as a location for innovation since its first implementation in 2015.

Nikolai Pröhl Senior Product Manager
Senior Product Manager Nikolai Pröhl

Nikolai is the Senior Product Manager at FUTURE CANDY and is always on the lookout for the latest technologies. He has been responsible for our TECH FLAT technology subscription since day one and therefore he is an expert in innovative technologies.

Thanks to his affinity for technology, he has a good feeling for the latest innovations and is therefore gladly consulted by the team when implementing projects.



Stephanie Janszen Editor in Chief
Editor in Chief Stephanie Janszen

Stephanie is Editor in Chief and responsible for content and text at FUTURE CANDY. Enthusiastic about innovation and new ideas, she transforms the core of the projects into context and helps our customers understand the latest technology and trend developments.

As Senior Partner Manager, Stephanie contributes her expertise in the conception and implementation of network events. In 2020, she successfully presented the FUTURE CANDY LAND as a boutique event at SHIFTmobility. Stephanie is an expert in new approaches when it comes to event conception and brings the right partners into conversation.


Tobias Kunz Product Manager
Product Manager Tobias Kunz

As Product Manager at FUTURE CANDY, Tobias is the direct contact person for our TECH FLAT. He is an expert in innovation management and knows how to sustainably integrate new technologies into the innovation process.

He is constantly on the lookout for new technologies to create added value for our customers across the competition.

Lars Kofahl Innovation Manager
Innovation Manager Lars Kofahl

Lars has an eye on the daily business in the Hamburg office, does product research, and supports the team in project management and the preparation of TECH FLAT.

In his search for inspiration for the future, there was no way around FUTURE CANDY. Now he applies the knowledge from his business management studies in practice, always with a focus on an economic perspective.

Jasmin Krug Junior Innovation Manager
Jasmin Krug Junior Innovation Manager

As Junior Innovation Manager at FUTURE CANDY, Jasmin supports our innovation projects in the areas of Consulting & Events. There she brings in her knowledge from her dual event management studies. In order to deepen her know-how, she will start a part-time master’s in digital business & innovation in 2022.

Lingxiu LI Junior Innovation Analyst
Lingxiu LI Junior Innovation Analyst

Lingxiu supports the Digital Events and the TECH FLAT, writing digital session service plans, participating in the testing of new high-tech gadgets, connecting with China-related work, and helps deal with daily affairs of the office.

She combines her consulting experience with digital transformation knowledge, actively integrates into the team, and progresses together with the projects.

Nicklas Heublein Junior Innovation Analyst
Nicklas Heublein Junior Innovation Analyst

Nicklas has an eye for details due to his brand design studies. He supports the team in various design topics and in implementing the visual appearance.

With his affinity for technology, he supports the TECH FLAT team in product preparation and researches new innovation trends for them.

Roman Weishäupl Director San Francisco
Director San Francisco Roman Weishäupl

As Director San Francisco at FUTURE CANDY San Francisco he is in constant exchange with the Hamburg office to bring the know-how and working methods of Silicon Valley to Germany.

He helps entrepreneurs and executives to think like a start-up and to promote lean, agile, and design thinking methodologies in today’s business environment. As an expert and on-site man, he supports our Silicon Valley tours and helps our clients to organize individual trips or workshops.

Fabian Monasterios Head of Storyline
Fabian Monasterios Head of Storyline

As an experienced actor, Fabian can do one thing in particular: tell exciting stories.
He has already worked for several years as a coach for language and presentations and has now become an integral part of the development of new storylines for our lectures at Future Candy.
Fabian is enthusiastic and always looking for new ideas.
That is why he is our Head of Keynote Development at Future Candy, develops our presentations together with Nick, and gives the presentations the final touches.
Speaking of versatile! み な さ ん 、 こ ん に ち は! 日本 学 の 勉強 の お か げ で 、 日本語 が 上手 上手 に な っ て き ま し た. Fabian is fluent in Japanese.

Jette Kruse Innovation Strategist
Jette Kruse Innovation Strategist

As an innovation analyst, Jette is always diligently monitoring the latest trends and developments to formulate them into information and inspiration. Jette also takes care of our Future Candy Podcast and its post-production.

From her more than two years of experience at Future Candy Jette has gained a lot of experience herself and is always up for a creative innovation idea. No matter what industry, she always comes up with a way to implement innovation.

Pepper Receptionist
Receptionist Pepper

Pepper, the humanoid robot, joined us last year and since then it is hard to imagine the world without him. The youngest member of our family may not be flesh and blood, but he is hard to beat in kindness.

When he is not in the office welcoming our visitors, he introduces himself and his skills to new customers and shows off his skills.

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