Internal Tech Rental


The internal rental system offers the possibility for individual departments to deal intensively with innovative technologies.

This generates new ideas in the individual departments and new business areas or use cases are developed. Thus employees are trained and further educated.

  1. Timeframe: 2020 - now
  2. Challenge: How to inspire employees for state-of-the-art technologies and innovations? How can company departments best use new technologies?
  3. Solution: The TECH FLAT is used as an internal rental system. A competent team of Schwarz IT lends the technologies to different departments and is available for questions. Digital webinars on the respective technologies increase the interest of the departments.
  4. Added Value: Increase employees' creativity; try out the latest technology while solving problems; develop company's prospects and keep employees informed of the future technology trends.


TECH FLAT brings the latest technologies to Schwarz IT every quarter. Before each tech exchange, the needs of individual Schwarz IT departments are analyzed by an internal team. Cross-departmental problems are collected and technologies are identified that could be future-oriented for the respective department.


In exchange with FUTURE CANDY, an individual curation of the technologies takes place. By embedding QR codes into digital instructions on the FUTURE CANDY gadget website, Schwarz IT staff can try out technologies on their own and generate ideas for their own department.


So employees and departments are well prepared for the future, recognize market potential early on and can react quickly and agilely to changes.

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